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Free IT Recycling Services London 0208 459 6264

Secure Data Removal and Destruction 

Our trained and experienced staff sort incoming hardware to determine how it can best be recycled or re-used.

We purchase, or simply collect and dispose of, redundant computer hardware We can issue tax-deductible receipts for all hardware purchased or donated We offer a free Collection Service Our ‘Data Integrity / Protection Guarantee’ means that you don’t have to worry about any sensitive data becoming public Redistribution of useable hardware to Schools & non-profit community projects.

Computer Disposal Services:

Through our partners, metal and plastic case parts are recycled. We pay for old and broken glass CRT monitors to undergo a process whereby contaminant metals, such as lead and cadmium, are extracted and then for the glass to be re-used in the manufacture of new monitors. Please be aware that there may be a charge for the recycling of the recently re-classified ‘hazardous waste’ CRT monitors. Unwanted CD’s are sent to the only CD reprocessing plant in the UK. Even printed circuit boards (PCB’s) are processed to recover metals and components that can be re-used. Re-useable hardware is assembled into working systems for redistribution to Schools & non-profit community projects. Please telephone our sales office if you wish to find out whether your organisation could benefit from our Computer Recycling program. Some parts are also sold to help finance the recycling operation.

Printer Recycling:

Computer and printer recycling could be a time-consuming task should you wish to take it upon yourself. LCR is here to make your life much easier and clear up your workspace as swiftly as possible, whilst making sure you don’t have to worry about a thing! Take advantage of our computer recycling and electronic equipment disposal services, and have someone deal with the legislative aspect of recycling computers on your behalf. There are no costs, and the system is simple. Ensures that you do your bit to protect the environment. Book your Green, Free & Easy collection today!

Free National Collection Service:

iSA-Comtech has a fleet of fully licensed waste carrier vehicles covers throughout the UK. We are able to collect small loads of redundant computers or IT-related equipment, full mainframe servers and telecommunication systems. We operate with a large number of vehicles and equipment to meet all your requirements. Our vehicles have appropriate equipment to efficiently and safely transport the computers and IT equipment.

IT equipment and computers can be loose or palletised from one pallet up to 26 per vehicle. To do this we utilise specialist removal equipment, such as:- Cages/Crates and Pallets Packaging Highly-sensitive material can be locked in sealed crates using asset tags with unique numbers. These are recorded onto the transfer paperwork and are fully traceable at asset level from point of collection, and will return back to our secure base on the same day.

This ensures assets are safely transported prior to final disposal. Our fleet of vehicles is equipped with satellite tracking systems to further ensure the safety of data prior to secure data wiping processes. We also offer a team of skilled collection personnel that can decommission equipment whilst still in-situ if required. This involves the safe disconnection, auditing and removal of redundant assets, ready for secure and responsible disposal. Free IT Collection & Computer Recycling.

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