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PC & Laptop Repair We repair all types of computer, including netbooks, laptops, desktops, & apple macs.

  • We can supply and fit all spares from motherboards and batteries to replacement screens and hard drives.
  • We also offer a data recovery service.
  • We repair laptop hardware
  • Hard disk.

Upgrades available •We repair laptop Power jacks •Virus removal experts •Spyware removal experts •We repair all types of hardware •System recovery experts •Website maintenance •PC hardware installation and maintenance •

Spyware detection solutions •Adware removal experts •Network and modem configuration •Desktop computer upgrades & repairs •Laptop & netbook screen replacement •Hard drive replacement and upgrades for laptops and desktops •Laptop keyboard repair and replacement •USB port repair for laptop and desktop machines •PC health checks •Computer hardware repair

•Apple Mac software repairs •Apple Mac data recovery •Apple Mac screen repair •Replacement Apple Mac keyboards •Apple Mac power socket repairs •Boot problem repaired •Freezing O/S problems repaired •Overheating problems repaired [ back to top ] Data Recovery Services Often data that is presumed lost can be recovered from damaged or crashed hard drives, damaged compact disks, and other mediums. •We can recover data from all storage mediums •We can recover data lost due to accidental formatting or erasure •

We provide service to many companies from small retail shops to medium size business.  For small shops we do is internet diagnostic to pos repairs to computer repairs. Software support included virus repair installing new one  and cleaning software making sure there is trace of is left behind and it is secure to use on the internet net also we put adblocker so any pop up doesn’t show it is one of the main reason for many computers get infected not only do we provide service we also  educate  our customers how to prevent and what to avoid from getting virus, unfortunately, there are so many viruses out there that manage to infect your pc even big Institute gets affected so precaution is necessary.

Data recovery has many factors it could be software or hardware related, for external hardware, the solution is straight forward and is much simpler in most circumstances it could be the cady it self is damaged or it could be the cable for that external for a hard drive is connected to. so in that circumstance, we just change the hard drive caddy. in extreme circumstance when the hard drive is dropped or water damage then we need to then it becomes costly process to recover data. but data loss caused software is not too bad the chance is great to recover data back bad but it could be a lengthy process in some circumstance, cause of it is caused by a virus the best advice is to make a backup and file it away once a month at least.


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